The Best Matcha Brands for Drinks in Taiwan & Where to Buy it

Matcha Origin

Matcha, one of the representative products of Japanese culture, has a bright green color, a calm and restrained aroma, and with nutritional value. It is suitable for making all kinds of meals, drinks and baked products, it is widely loved by consumers.

At present, Japan’s domestic and international standards organizations have not yet clearly stipulated the definition of matcha. As a result, matcha products of different quality are circulating in the matcha market. So we will explain what are the best matcha powder brands and features.

Refer to the independent regulations of industry groups and the green tea standards set by the Japan Tea Industry Association:Matcha is defined as “Take the tea leaves cultivated under shading, dry them directly without rolling, and then grind the tea leaves (milled tea) into a fine powder with a tea mortar.”

Matcha Producing Process

1. Cultivation under mulch

Before picking the leaves, cover with shading materials for more than 3-30 days, so that the new buds can produce more theanine and chlorophyll. The tea leaves can remain green and add the unique aroma of seaweed, which is called “covering fragrance”.

2. Steam treatment

After picking and the high temperature of steam treatment, which inactivates the oxidizing enzymes in tea leaves, avoids oxidation of the chemical components in the tea leaves, and maintains the emerald green and sweetness of the tea.

3. Drying and pulling the stems

After the steam treatment is completed, according to the tea leaves producing process, it can be divided into the tea that is directly dried without rolling, and the tea is dried while rolling. The old leaves, tea stalks, and veins will be removed. Only the soft mesophyll of the new leaves is used as the raw material for matcha powder. According to the definition of the Japanese Tea Association, only ground tea can be used as a raw material for matcha.

4. Grinding the tea leaves

Finally, the tea is ground with a stone mortar or machine. The production of high-quality matcha requires strict control of the grinding speed, temperature and fineness in order to retain the complete nutrients of the tea leaves. Thus, create the unique flavor and taste of matcha.

Simple Matcha Producing Process  
Tea Plantation Coverage→Leaf Picking→Steam Treatment → (Knead)→Dry→Stems Pulling→Dry Again→Tencha (Matcha powder raw material)→Grind→Sieve→Matcha  

High Tea Products of Best Matcha Brands

 In order to present consumers with the highest quality matcha powder, High Tea visited tea gardens all over Japan, carefully selected the top matcha powders from Shizuoka and Ise in Japan. The elegant taste and layered flavor make people feel like staying in a Japanese tea house, tasting the beauty of Japanese traditional tea culture.

Pure Matcha Powder

High Tea Pure Matcha Powder selected Shizuoka tea, one of the three major teas in Japan. Shizuoka prefecture is the largest tea producing area in Japan.

It has more than 40% of the tea production in Japan. With the natural environment and climatic conditions, Shizuoka tea is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. Therefore, it can produce high quality tea leaves.

Different from the general matcha production process, High Tea Pure Matcha powder has been added to the important process of tea-rolling, which makes the aroma of tea leaves calm and steady. With the unique emerald green tea color, rich flavor and clear sweetness, the pure matcha powder has multiple uses and only needs a small amount to add a great taste.

High Tea Related Products Product Characteristics
2 in 1 Matcha Powder Simple operation, mellow flavor with milk.
3 in 1 Matcha Powder Excellent ratio of matcha and milk.
3 in 1 Red Beans & Jujube Matcha Powder Top matcha with red bean fragrance and plump red dates.
3 in 1 Black Beans & Sesame Matcha Powder Black sesame seeds with black bean powder and matcha powder, the sesame flavor stands out.
3 in 1 Black Beans & Brown Rice Matcha Powder Brown rice grains with black beans powder and matcha powder, the grain aroma releases.
Mint Lemon Sparkling Tea Peppermint with refreshing lime aroma, with green Japanese matcha.

Ise Matcha Powder

High Tea Ise matcha powder’s material comes from Mie Prefecture—the third largest tea producing area in Japan. Its tea production is second only to Shizuoka and Kagoshima prefecture.

Ise Tea is one of the nine major teas in Japan. The local area is good at covering tea trees with black mesh cloth, which produces high quality tea with the sweetness of overlying tea. This makes High Tea one of the best matcha brands in Taiwan.

High Tea Related Products Product Characteristics
Premium Ise Matcha Powder Beautiful color and thick seaweed fragrance.
3 in 1 Matcha Powder The perfect combination of milky aroma and light sweet seaweed flavor.
Ise Matcha Oat Milk Powder Sweet oat milk with restrained premium matcha.
Japanese Jade Gyokuro Green Tea Bag Refreshing in the mouth, exudes rich and layered tea aroma such as roasted seaweed and brown sugar.

Matcha is made of pure natural raw materials.

Temperature, humidity, air, sunlight and other factors will affect the quality of matcha. As long as the purchased matcha products are stored and handled properly, product deterioration can be avoided. High Tea team recommends that in order to maintain the emerald green color and unique covering aroma of matcha, do not place it in direct sunlight or a warm environment when it is sealed and stored.

It is better if it can be sealed and refrigerated because it can be maintained more effectively in a low-temperature environment. However, it should be noted that after the matcha is taken out of the refrigerator, it must be opened after returning to a normal temperature to avoid opening at a low temperature, which will cause the matcha to absorb moisture and accelerate the rate of deterioration. High Tea is the leading brand of tea & beverage materials. It is one of the best matcha brands in Taiwan. Committed to providing customers tea products that carry with healthy, high quality, and happiness.

High Tea matcha raw materials are inspected regularly, and the raw material acceptance and product production process are strictly managed to ensure stable product quality and safety, so that consumers can enjoy delicious and high-quality products with peace of mind.


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